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Industrial Techno – Sample Tools by Cr2 – OUT NOW!

Looking for a production toolkit that covers the full spectrum of Berlin’s most influential and infamous club scene?

Need the studio tools to help you craft a sense of deep, trippy introspection that taps into dark and brooding moods?

Sample Tools by Cr2 are proud to present Industrial Techno.

Packed with over 400 MB worth of Audio, MIDI and Presets this pack takes you on a journey into the cities notorious night life.

This production toolkit was created using some of the industries most valued equipment including a Moog Sub37, Elektron Analog Four MKII, Juno-6 and loads more…

Not only do we include MIDI files along with Presets for Native Instrument’s Massive VST, we also provide you with 3 Prod-Cast Video Tutorials outlining production techniques used to create the pack.

Struggling to put together the ideas in your head down into your DAW?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 6 easy-to-use songstarters construction kits all key and BPM labeled to allow you to get producing high quality music right now.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2, and this is Industrial Techno.


  • Total File Size: 425 MB (Compressed)
  • Total Audio Files: 364
  • Total MIDI Files: 44
  • 20 x Bass Hits
  • 20 x Bass Loops
  • 20 x Claps
  • 21 x Hats
  • 23 x Kicks
  • 22 x Percs
  • 20 x Snares
  • 20 x FX
  • 10 x NI Massive Presets
  • 40 x MIDI
  • 6 x Construction Kits (58 Audio Files + 4 MIDI Files)
  • 20 x Synth Hits
  • 20 x Synth Loops
  • 100 x Drum Loops
  • 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
  • 1 x Mike Monday Studio Productivity Video
  • 1 x Budi Voogt Art of Pitching Video
  • 1 x Production Booklet (Containing Tips & Tricks from the producer)


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