Deep Tech Tronica

Demo tracks

Promo video

What you get

Total File Size: 507MB (Zipped)

Total Audio Files: 371

Total MIDI Files: 58

120 x Drum Loops

10 x Bass Hits (Key Labeled)

20 x Bass Loops (Key / BPM Labeled)

20 x Kicks (Key Labeled)

20 x Claps

10 x Crashes

10 x Hats

10 x Open Hats

10 x Rides

15 x Perc

20 x Snare

20 x FX

40 x MIDI (Key / BPM Labeled)

20 x Synth Loops (Key / BPM Labeled)

15 x Presets (Sylenth Bank)

5 x Songstarter (Key / BPM Labeled) (66 Audio Files / 18 MIDI Files - INCLUDES VOCALS!)

3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials 

1 x Mike Monday Studio Productivity Video 

1 x Budi Voogt Art of Pitching Video 

1 x Production Booklet

Product Description

Following on from the success of our underground production toolkits, Sample Tools by Cr2 are supremely thrilled to present to you a pack consisting of indispensable Audio, MIDI, Presets and Tutorial Files hand crafted for real fans of electronic music. This timeless collection of exclusive sounds also features over 20 different vocal parts to offer you full flexibility.

Introducing… Deep Tech-Tronica!

Expect to find the richest and highest quality production content, appropriate for everything – from House and Techno all the way to Ambient and Electronica. This live and loud collection of analogue recorded sounds are the perfect production tools to drive the dance floor into a frenzy! And best of all… Everything is 100% royalty free.

‘The content in this toolkit really has got a sound of it’s own. Genius!’

Inspired by the sounds of Bicep, Ejeca, Brassica, Sandboards, Hammer, Dusky and loads more… Deep Tech-Tronica isn’t just a sample pack but is an essential resource to help music producers learn, grow and create.

If you’re looking for a total production toolkit that will teach and help you learn in the studio as well as inspire you. Then this is for you!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is Deep Tech-Tronica!