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Future Bass Rhythms

£15.99 or 300 credits (or 300 Credits) Add to basket

Dive into this packed collection of festival energy with the entire full pack library. This full pack gives you access to everything from the Bass Hits/Loops folders, Drums, FX all the way to songstarters and high-quality vocal chops. Remember, it all starts with high-quality sounds.

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£5.99 or 50 credits (or 30 Credits) Add to basket

Need some assistance enhancing your low-end? Struggling to get your bass to punch through? Our Future Bass Rhythm Bass samples will make it easier than ever to get your mixes sounding perfect. All of these samples are processed to their maximum potential and are ready to go!

£2.99 or 100 credits (or 50 Credits) Add to basket

A massive selection of punchy drum hits, including 100 kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussive hits. 

£4.99 or 80 credits (or 50 Credits) Add to basket

Sometimes you just want to dive straight into the melodies and bass aspect of your studio session, that’s where these drum loops come in handy…


£2.99 or 35 credits (or 10 Credits) Add to basket

Add new life to your productions with this super detailed FX samples. All processed ready to drag and drop into your productions.

£9.99 or 150 credits (or 150 Credits) Add to basket

2 in-depth songstarters all broken down into stems, including corresponding MIDI and presets, designed to amp up the workflow during your next studio session. All BPM and key-labelled! 

£3.99 or 50 credits (or 30 Credits) Add to basket

Need a powerful synth lead to run over your sick Future Rhythm? Add any of these 15 key-labelled synth loops or create your own with a sampler using the synth hits!

Demo tracks

Promo video

What you get

Total File Size: 535.8 MB Total Audio Files: 352 Total MIDI Files: 11
  • 10 x Bass Hits
  • 15 x Bass Loops (DRY and WET versions)
  • 20 x Claps
  • 20 x Kicks
  • 20 x Hats
  • 20 x Percs
  • 20 x Snares
  • 60 x Drum Loops
  • 35 x FX Samples
  • 2 x Songstarters (57 x Audio Files & 11 x MIDI Files)
  • 10 x Synth Hits
  • 15 x Synth Loops (DRY and WET versions)
  • 10 x Vocal Chops (DRY and WET versions)

Product Description

Welcome to the future. Sample Tools by Cr2 present Future Bass Rhythms – a full-throttled collection of chilled and futuristic vibes blending with high-end festival energy.

Get your teeth stuck into this sample pack containing over 600 MB of content, with over more than 350 samples (all 100% royalty-free) to transform your productions from a bedroom production to a festival anthem.

Featuring buzzy bass loops, sublime synth loops, fantastical FX, devouring drum loops, a hierarchy oh hellish hits (drum/synth/bass), and some sneaky songstarter projects to help fast-track your next big production smash!

The future is now, and we have the bass to prove it.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2, and this is Future Bass Rhythms.


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