Lofi House 2

Lofi House 2

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Purchase the full LoFi House 2 pack including over 200 audio and Midi files, giving you all of the tools you’ll need to create sonic perfection.

Inspired by that hazy, textured, vintage sound heard in the ever so popular tracks by; Ross From Friends, Mall Grab, DJ Boring, Baltra and DJ Seinfeld.


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Specifically looking for some Bass Hits & Loops? These samples are designed to fit into any LoFi House production in need of bass.

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50 Dusty Drum Hits to throw into your LoFi House tracks. Processed and ready to drag & drop!

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Need a drum beat to get you started? These bpm labelled drum loops are perfect for dropping into your LoFi House productions.

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These 10 FX samples are the ultimate addition to your productions to create some tension and release in your tracks. 

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Have trouble getting started? These 3 construction kits are the ideal tool to get you instantly producing some LoFi House.

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20 inspiring Synth Hits and Loops ready to use, bringing pleasure to your production experience.

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These 20 MIDI files make getting ideas down a really simple and easy task. Struggling with writer’s block? This is what you need.

Demo tracks

Promo video

What you get

  • Total Audio Files: 193
  • Total File Size: 303MB
  • 10x Bass Hits
  • 10x Bass Loops
  • 10x Claps
  • 10x Hats
  • 10x Kicks
  • 10x Percs
  • 10x Snare
  • 40x Drum Loops
  • 10x FX
  • 20x MIDI
  • 3x Songstarters
  • 10x Synth Hits
  • 10x Synth Loops
  • 10x Textures

Product Description

Sample Tools by Cr2 is thrilled to present to you LoFi House 2! Another collection of quality samples portraying a characteristic LoFi vibe.

Introducing – LoFi House 2

This is the second edition of our LoFi House series. Bringing together all the elements you need to craft that hazy, textured, vintage sound heard in the ever so popular tracks by; Ross From Friends, Mall Grab, DJ Boring, Baltra and DJ Seinfeld.

This pack focuses on classic drum machines and vintage synths all routed through analogue desk gear and dirty tape machines to encapsulate those dusty grooves. Providing you with an extensive collection of Bass Hits/Loops, Drum Hits/Loops, FX, MIDI, Synths and Songstarters, this pack is sure to spark new life into your studio sessions.

Not a Lofi House producer? The content in this pack will find a home in any Hip Hop, House, Trap, RnB production.

Also, let’s not forget this selection is 100% royalty free!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Lofi House 2.

Like this pack?

If you’re a fan of this sample pack and are looking for more similar sounds, be sure to check out the previous pack in the series. Created by the same producer, the first pack in this series shares the same sonic characteristics, and will provide you with even more dusty beats and edgy LoFi samples!

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