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For a limited time only grab all four packs from our EDM series for a discounted price.

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What you get

Festival EDM Anthems:
  • Total File Size: 704 MB
  • Total Audio Files: 431
  • Total MIDI Files: 61
  • Total Presets: 71
  • 20 x Bass Hits 
  • 20 x Synth Hits 
  • 40 x Bass Loops 
  • 40 x Synth Hits 
  • 105 x Drum Hits
  • 20 x Kicks
  • 20 x Snares
  • 20 x Claps
  • 20 x Hats
  • 25 x Percussion 
  • 80 x Drum Loops
  • 35 x FX Elements (Risers, Downlifters, Atmospheric Loops, Impacts, Booms)
  • 6 x Songstarters (91 Audio Files - 21 MIDI - 31 Serum/Sylenth1/Massive/Spire Presets)
  • 40 x MIDI Loops (corresponding to the Bass and Synth Loops) 
  • 40 x Serum Presets (20 x Bass’ + 20 x Leads)
Mainroom Anthems
  • Total File Size (Unzipped): 337MB
  • Total Audio Files: 227
  • Total MIDI Files: 30
  •   5 x Bass Hits
  • 20 x Bass Loops
  • 10 x Claps
  • 10 x Hats
  •   5 x Kicks
  • 10 x Percs
  • 10 x Snares
  •   5 x Tonal Kicks
  • 50 x Drum Loops
  •   5 x FX
  • 20 x MIDI
  •   5 x Presets
  •   3 x Songstarters (72 Audio Files, 10 MIDI)
  •   5 x Synth Hits
  • 20 x Synth Loops
EDM Festival Kicks and Drops
  • Over 1GB of Essential Audio, Video and MIDI Content
  • 100 x Key-Labelled Slamming Kick Drums
  • 15 x Killer Drop Construction Kits
  • 308 x Huge Loops and One-Shots (WAV, 24bit, 44.1khz)
  • 34 x Corresponding Flexible MIDI Files
  • Over 25 Minutes of Tutorial Video Content
  • 1 x Music Productivity Video with Mike Monday
  • 1 x ‘Art of Pitching’ Video with Budi Voogt
  • 1 x Production Booklet
Ultimate EDM Festival EDM Drops
  • 21 x Bass Loops
  • 22 x Claps
  • 20 x Hats
  • 20 x Kicks (Key Labeled)
  • 22 x Percs
  • 20 x Snares
  • 20 x Drum Loops (100 with Stems)
  • 20 x FX
  • 20 x Presets (Sylenth1)
  • 42 x MIDI
  • 20 x Synth Hits
  • 21 x Synth Loops
  • 6 x Songstarters (312 Audio + 62 MIDI Files)
  • 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
  • 1 x Productivity video with Mike Monday
  • 1 x Production Booklet
  • 1 x Marketing video with Budi Voogt

Product Description

Looking to get your hands on the following packs for a super cheap price? For a limited time only, grab all four of these EDM BUNDLE Packs for only £24.99!

Festival EDM Anthems

Mainroom Anthems

EDM Festival Kicks and Drops

Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is the EDM Bundle!

Mainroom Anthems:

Do you crave having all the tools to make hard-hitting festival anthems at your fingertips? Sample Tools provide you with the highest quality samples. This pack includes, scintillating synth loops, devastating drum hits, booming drum loops, badass basslines and much more.

In this pack we provide you with MIDI loops for all the bass and melodic loops included. Allowing you to customise the harmonics of your productions to your hearts content. Also part of the pack is a bank of detailed spire presets. These give you the opportunity to experiment with all the sounds provided, and take your production to the next level.

For those that want to fast-track their way to monstrous Mainroom Anthems, there are 3 songstarters provided. All elements of the songstarters are broken down into stems giving you the perfect insight into creating those mainroom smashers.

All the samples in this sample pack are 100% royalty free.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Mainroom Anthems!

EDM Festival Kicks & Drops:

Do you need the tools to produce tracks ready for the world biggest festivals?

Built for the MainStage, EDM Festival Kicks + Drops is jammed with heavy basslines, huge layered kick drums, hands in the air synth leads and hooks, larger than life drum loops and massive epic FX spread over 15 killer drops all key-labelled for easy mixing and matching.

Every melodic part is available as a MIDI equivalent to make changing sounds or editing melodies a breeze. There are also 100 key-labelled punchy and low end owning kick drums and if that wasn’t enough there are over 25 minutes of essential video tips and tricks from the producer Endemix allowing you gain access to the techniques behind these huge stadium sounds. In addition there is also a booklet packed with even more production tips and tricks to help you compete with the top EDM producers!

As usual our packs contain a video with music production productivity guru Mike Monday and another video which is the ultimate guide to pitching your music to labels and industry professionals from the Music Marketing Academy’s Budi Voogt.

Festival EDM Anthems:

Included within this release are more than 550 professional quality samples, presets, and MIDI files, all 100% royalty free.

Inspired by the sounds of Don Diablo, Tiesto, Mike Williams, and Mesto this pack will help you take your festival productions to the next level. Expertly crafted bass and synth Hits, massive synth loops, booming bass loops, as well as detailed drum loops, sonic bending FX, and bespoke songstarter kits to speed up your production process.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve included over 60 MIDI files corresponding to loops in the pack, a production booklet with tips and tricks from the producer, and more than 70 high quality presets. These presets include meticulous bass, lead, and pluck sounds for Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, and Spire (mainly Serum).

Raise the bar of your productions with this sample pack, and start producing euphoric festival bangers that will get any crowd on their feet!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Festival EDM Anthems!

Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops:

Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops contains over 750MB of content spread across the absolute highest quality audio, MIDI, presets, Prod-Cast video tutorials and a production booklet.

You’ll also find 6 ridiculously heavy Songstarters consisting of all the components you need to create full tracks from start to finish.

We include all melodic parts as MIDI files and every synth preset giving you full control.

In addition we have also included bass and synth loop presets so you can re-create the sound with the all important channel strip settings which are such a major part of the sound.

To assist the producer long-term we provide 3 Prod-Cast video tutorials showing you how to improve their skills not only within the EDM genre but also as a producer.

As usual our packs contain a video with music production productivity guru Mike Monday and another video which is the ultimate guide to pitching your music to labels and industry professionals from the Music Marketing Academy’s Budi Voogt.

We are Sample Tools and this is Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops!

All of this included in the EDM Bundle! Buy your EDM Bundle today!

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