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Sample Tools by Cr2 – Ultimate Grooves & Melodics

To access your free Ableton Live Project Template please CLICK HERE to fill out the sign up form.

Thanks for purchasing your MPK Mini MK IIMPD 218APC MiniAPC Key or MIDIMix from our friends over at AKAI Professional.

Now that you have registered you can download our exclusive sample pack/Ableton Live project template for free.

Experience total control over your Ableton Clip Projects (Lite, Standard, Suite & Drum Rack versions) and inject some high quality grooves and melodics into your productions.

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Until 31st December 2018, buy MPK Mini MK II, MPK Mini MKII LE White, MPD 218, APC Mini, APC Key or MIDIMix and receive exclusive Ableton-ready sample content from industry- leading premium sample creation and sound design developer CR2.

The Essential Collection – Sample Tools by CR2

Sample Tools provides novice and advanced music producers alike with the highest quality samples, presets, songstarters and templates. Introducing the Essential Collection – an exclusive performance driven Ableton Live Set lled with inspiring sound content, production-ready drum kits and meticulously- programmed drum and melodic racks. Akai Professional’s ultra-portable studio solutions let you take command of your creativity and design your perfect modular studio rig with a selection of premium products expertly curated for immersive tactile control and a rapid hassle-free work ow. With The Essential Collection, Akai Professional and CR2 combine forces to provide producers and live performers with the ultimate in versatile control, bigger beats, harder drops and crisper synth content to match – creating something new has never been this easy!


Experience total control and inject some impact to your production with Akai Professional and Sample Tools. For a limited time, new and existing users of the noted products can expand their sonic arsenal with an exclusive, expertly-curated Ableton-ready sample library comprising:


  • 3 Ableton Live Clip Projects (Lite, Standard, Suite & Drum Rack versions), complete with lessons and walkthroughs
  • 8 Drum Racks and 1 Drum Rack Project – including drum, bass, vocal / FX and melodic one-shot samples
  • 6 Audio FX Racks – 3 drum / 3 melodic, curated into Ableton Live Lite, Studio and Suite versions
  • 8 groove-fuelled MIDI drum clips
  • 8 hard-hitting, professionally mixed drum loops
  • 128 production ready one-shot samples – kick, bass, cymbal, snare, hi-hat, percussion, FX, vocal and melodic
  • 40 inspiring melodic, bass, vocal and atmospheric / FX loops


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