Do you want your track mastered by our skilled engineer? Our mastering engineer has 14 years experience in the industry releasing on labels such as Virgin EMI, Atlantic records, Sony, Cr2 Records amongst others, mixed music for Netflix TV shows and mastered tracks for clients such as Nile Rodgers, Second City, Dillon Francis, Snoop Dogg and Eats Everything. He has also found time to make top-selling sample packs and sound banks for companies such as Native Instruments.


What is mastering?


Mastering invoices taking your track, analysing it with a very critical ear in our mastering studio with the latest cutting edge monitoring and analysis tools. From here we will liaise with the client identifying any mix issues that need to be addressed before mastering. We will then take the premaster file and use a combination of techniques including full band and multiband compression, EQ, harmonic excitation, stereo imaging and limiting to bring your track up to the level it needs to stand up against the top tracks in the genre.

To give you an idea of what this means in audio term, here is a file pre and post mastering (post mastering at mastered level) you can really focus on the sonic difference between the two.



Here is the waveform example of our pre-mastered track ‘Joy & Pain Ft. Josh Barry – Apexape’ released via. Cr2 Records.


Here is the waveform example of the same track post mastering.